Columbus Chamber Entrepreneur Program


The Chamber’s new Entrepreneur Program provides access to the programming, resources and services that businesses in the start-up or entrepreneurial cycle of their development need.

Accelerate the growth of your new business with the Columbus Chamber’s Entrepreneur Program. The Entrepreneur Program is designed for businesses who have been in existence for at least six months. Click here for more information.

One-on-One Consultation, Benefits to Maximize Business Growth

The Chamber provides access to the tools a start-up business needs including access to capital, business planning, loan packaging and advisory boards. In addition, this program includes access to a small business consultant who works to connect business owners to the resources identified in a one-on-one consultation.

Enrolled businesses can also leverage special Entrepreneur Program benefits such as:

  • • Display or use of Chamber logo to show your support in helping to grow our region.
  • • Listing in Columbus Chamber Member Directory to generate additional traffic and interest.
  • • Introduction to a business of your choice to gain your top prospects’ business.
  • • Connection to advisors, mentors and coaches to share your concerns and leverage resources.
  • • Ability to post internship positions that will save you time and money in operating your business.
  • • Access to a variety of Chamber councils and committees to get involved in issues and areas that matter to you.

For more information on the Columbus Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Program, visit or contact Somers Martin at (614) 225.6919 or

Monthly payment arrangements are available and welcomed for this program.

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